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Throughout my life I have sought to increase my light quotient by practicing spirituality, energy medicine and compassionate reasoning. Most clients leave me saying they feel lighter and energised.  This is a sure sign that they have increased their levels of light and in doing so they are able to heal pain, disease and emotional instabilities.  As a clairvoyant I am able to ascertain the point where light needs to enter the body (and in most cases I see the exact location within the physical body or subtle bodies) to bring about the healing.  This can sometimes bring about an instantaneous healing (for example, occasions of knee, shoulder, ankle, sciatica, digestive issues, fears, night-time spirit awakenings) or sometimes several or many layers need to be worked through in order to alchemise the disharmony.

I strive to apply my scientific and intuitive mind (with guidance from master healer's in spirit and divine mind) to the process of alchemy. Alchemy is often believed to be the ancient process of turning lead into gold and this 'metaphor' is apt for the creative process used in healing.  On a quantum level everything is energy.  When we harness the alchemising power within us, we can transform negative and non-beneficial energies into love, peace, joy and light or some other more beneficial vibration.

There are a number of considerations.  Energy pours into the subtle bodies through the physical body which is why a healthy diet and exercise is so very important. The reverse also occurs with energy pouring into the physical body from the subtle bodies.  The astral body (or desire body) causes much dis-ease .  The mind (mental body) plays a role in the disease process of the astral body. Alchemy in the astral body involves the physical body, organs and the aura as these are storage sites for emotional and psychological trauma. These might be trauma's from; past or future lives, ancestral, incarnation, womb and early life.  Many suffer an incarnation trauma with the knowledge that they did not want to come to the Earth plane.  The alchemist is able to view the trauma, sometimes name it if required, and then transform it into more beneficial energies. For example, a child with an irrational fear of dogs, can be traced to a past life where there was a negative experience with a dog.  Once that past life is viewed and bought into the current body for processing and release the fear can dissipate.  My clients have experienced situation's similar to this and the process can resolve the issue immediately, or sometimes it can take a number of sessions.  The etheric body is the flow of energies around and within the body.  It takes some skill to view the etheric body as it radiates from a higher vibration than the physical body.  The etheric body vitalises the other bodies with vital life force energy. Forces and lines of energy cross to form larger centres such as the chakra's (7- 12 major , 21 lesser and 49 smaller). Due to inner issues within the physical body and other subtle bodies there can be congestion, over activity or incorrect flow, or there can be template conversion issues.  The alchemist is able to effect change in the etheric body through processes of transformation.  One should consider that there is no real separation between the bodies mentioned above as each is intimately associated with and responding to each of the other's.  

​We must sometimes accept that there are reasons why a healing will not take place and and I do not and cannot perform alchemy that is outside what is for a person's highest and greatest good.  To do so is considered black magic and has no place in increasing the amount of light within.

In many cases one can benefit from massage, acupuncture, EFT, yoga, qigong, a good psychologist etc, however there is much that an alchemist can do to balance the physical and subtle bodies. With clear sight one can pinpoint the issue in the etheric body and observe the play of it in the astral body, utilising the mind, the client's higher self, and incoming universal and earth energies to catalyse the process of transformation from disharmony, to chaos, to harmony.

There is always a margin of error with alchemy and I am an alchemist in training.  Clients are my teacher's and guide's and I have gratitude, love and awe for those who seek the healing journey.  With gratitude